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Live the Life You Were Meant to Live.       
Love your Life... the Change Starts with You

Discover your confidence find your own voice, listen to your body's innate wisdom and live in passion.


Planting the Seeds of Passion

Women Who Dream is a #1 International Bestseller !

The power of inspirational stories is a force that can shift tides. Teja's contribution found in the book, Women Who Dream is a moving piece of writing. She is 'way show -her' for all women who have a dream and those searching for their own purpose.

As life continues to unfold before her she trust her knowing and her path even more so now. With courage and perseverance she overcomes past conditionings, survives cancer, awakens to her truth and leads with an open heart. Today she coached women to find their own voice, listen to their own body's innate wisdom and to live in their pleasure. Teja hopes to inspire women across the globe to continue reaching for their dreams and to live a life fully tapped in and turned on. 

Immerse yourself in these captivating 30 stories to empower you to live the life you were meant for!


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 “Passion is the opening to living life fully 

 tapped in and turned on.”

    ~ Teja Valentin


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I recently finished a 6 week session Reiki series with Teja to help relieve things loke stress, blocked circulation, headaches, and stomachaches all stemming from various life situations. After the very first session.I was absolutely amazed with the treatment! I felt mentally clearer and physically more relaxed and centered. If you have never tried alternative treatments, now is the time and Teja is the person! Teja has a calming, healing energythat is undeniable and very real. I would highly recommend giving this experience a chance and going with Teja specifically. You will be very pleased with her intuitive evaluations, healing energy, and personalized healing plans. Without a doubt, Teja has helped me heal my own body. Simply amazing!

No one plays gongs as beautifully as Teja! <3

Jen Poulis

Couples Group Relationship Coaching: Intimate Conversations
Multiple Dates
Jun 13, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:05 PM
Salem County,
Mannington, NJ

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