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Spotlight on Teja Valentin Coaching
Sex, Love & Relationship

RVN TV Interview
Unwinding Stress

Unwinding Stress episode

Unwinding Stress with Teja Valentin
Join Dr. Kevin Gyurina each and every Sunday and Monday at 9:30am as he dives in with interviews, demonstrations and discussions on Holistic Healing and self-care.

RVN TV Interview: The Witch's Hearth

Teja's intimate discussion with Stephanie & Beth on The Witch's Hearth.

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Powerful Kundalini Meditation Kirtan Kriya Benefits Mind, Body and Spirit
Jan 31, 2018 09:22PM ● By Teja Shanti Kaur


Blog Post w/Teja Valentin

What is it that we want to say to the world?

The true self begins when we are young children with healthy relationships with our parents but sometimes there are false starts when we feel unsafe or overwhelmed, read more........

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