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FAQ- Reiki

Your Questions Answered

What is Reiki?


Reiki works with the intelligence of the body, mind, heart and soul to flow where most needed. Reiki is a gentle form of “hands on” healing modality. Universal energy is passed through the practitioner to receiver and the receiver’s own innate healing wisdom directs the flow of energy to where it is needed to balance and help heal the body.

The gong works on all levels to heal and transform including the physical, emotional and spiritual. The sound of the gong can promote healing and deep relaxation. It helps to balance the chakras, release blocks, and reduce tension.You will be invited to set your intention at the beginning of the practice. Allow yourself to enter the wave of the sound current and let your pure intention that flow through the sound.

Do I keep my clothes on?

Yes! Dress comfortably.

What does Reiki feel like? Will you be touching me?

It varies from person to person. However most report a very relaxed feeling, great night of sleep, sensations of heat, seeing colors, tingling or even a feeling that a crossed over loved one was nearby. 

My hands will either be lightly touching you or hovering just above you.

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What does Reiki session with Teja look like?

Teja’s Reiki sessions are one of a kind. Trained in Traditional Usui Reiki since 2015, she began to trust her own inner wisdom and now describes her style of Reiki as intuitive, gentle, and effective. She may offer a channeled message through what calls her “soul language.” At the end of the session you may choose to have a gong bath “savasana” or deep relaxation where the deep, rich sounds of the gong assist integrate the session and bring a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, and balance.

FAQ- Coaching

Is coaching the same as therapy?

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, while psychotherapy tends to have more of a past and present focus. Also coaches do not treat mental illness but can refer out and coaching is not covered under insurance.
Both can be  very effective approaches.

What happens in a session?

We will meet on Zoom and proceed to address the issue of concern. We begin creating a desire statement or goal that you aim to achieve either on your own or in relationship.
The desire statement is our map for our sessions. We will continue to chat as I guide you during the session. Then we will drop into an exercise or practice. The practices may contain breath work and breast/testicle massage to be done in privacy of your own home. These and other practices assigned are meant to build consistent habits that support your  inner work and  outer work.

My approach as a coach?

The upmost importance is to hold a container of safety for my client during our sessions. I will be full body listening to my client words, energy and voice and listening with my intuition. I will often check in with my client, holding you with gentleness and compassion as we explore your inner and outer worlds.

Is there sex in a coaching session?

There is NO sex in a coaching session. I will NOT be touching you. Clothes will ALWAYS stay on. However, I may give you "homework" that may include self pleasure only if it feels right for you.

FAQ- Yoga

No prior yoga experience necessary. I love having new kundalini students! I was once a struggling student and remember what it was like. I always provide modifications for ALL my students.

In regards to health issues, in most cases yes. I would need to be aware of any injuries or limitations or medical history including surgery or high blood pressure to give you proper guidance on the postures or breath work.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

I am a beginner can I still do kundalini yoga? I have some health issues can I still participate?

Kundalini Yoga  is also known as “The Yoga of Awareness.”  We work to move the energy, this kundalini energy is the creative potential that already exists in every human being. As it rises it creates illumination up the spine. In Kundalini yoga, emphasis is on activating and balancing the chakras or “energetic systems” to activate our best potential. The benefits of this practice are many including: balancing the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, improving digestion, increasing intuition relaxation and peace of mind. With practice you will find yourself more capable, confident and more aware of yourself on all levels.

Can I book a private class?

Do I have to wear white or a head covering during class?

You most certainly can! However, the rates will be a bit higher. You can also invite friends to lower the rate. Yoga/Meditation/Sound bath parties  are also available. Please message me.

Students do not however it is welcomed. The head covering is used to contain the energy that we just aroused in the body.

White, natural fibers are recommended because they are considered to be of the highest vibration. White has the highest vibration of the rainbow:)

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