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Woman embracing her feminine

My Coaching Principles

Radical Self Love
We start with love. Love is the magic ingredient through which all transformation can happen. Honoring all the pieces of you and celebrating your journey here.

Radical Integration
Learn to self-regulate, self-soothe and live from a place of power and goodness in your body. Finding a home within yourself.

Radical Transformation
Meet your experiences with love to unlock the heart. Grounding yourself your empowered & expressed Truth. Accepting there is nothing broken, wrong, or damaged in you. You are a living expression of Divine consciousness.




Who do I work with?

I work primarily with women who are ready to commit to themselves. You are a woman 18 yrs. old and over, single, married or in relationship and ready for change!

I also accept men only if they are working to bring their best selves to relationship. You must be willing to show up for yourself over and over again!

I also work with couples looking to deepen their connection with their partner. This couple must be willing to be vulnerable and honest with themselves, each other and to me.


Are you ready to take responsibility for your own healing?


If you answered "Yes"  then welcome! I am so thrilled you’re here! I am passionate about living and loving to its fullest potential. It can be intimidating but if you desire more pleasure in your life, in your body and in your relationship let me guide you. Together we will work deeply in a safe and gentle loving container.

I would love to show you this powerful work I have been studying. I know it works. I was my own first client!

I look forward to working with you to reclaim your passion and your sovereignty. 

Take the first step here... 

To learn more about my coaching practice and receive a

FREE 30 minute consultation

press the Learn More button below...go ahead you will be glad you did!

Classes now forming. Message me.

Custom Sessions also available and can be bought individually or package. 


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Work with Me 
Group & Private Sessions


Is coaching the same as therapy?

Generally speaking, coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, while psychotherapy tends to have more of a past and present focus. Also coaches do not treat mental illness but can refer out and coaching is not covered under insurance. Both can be  very effective approaches.

What happens in a session?

We will meet on Zoom and proceed to address the issue of concern. We begin creating a desire statement or goal that you aim to  achieve either on your own or in relationship. That desire statement is our map for our sessions. We will chat, as I continue to guide you during the session. Then we will drop into an exercise or practice pertaining to the issue on hand. The practices may contain breath work and are tailored to you and your needs. I will instruct you and time allowing I will guide you during the call or  it may  be done in privacy of your own home. These and other practices assigned are meant to build consistent habits that support your  inner work and  outer work.

My approach as a coach?

The upmost importance is to hold a container of safety for my client during our sessions. I will be full body listening to my client words, energy and voice and listening with my intuition. I will often check in with my client, holding you with gentleness and compassion as we explore your inner and outer worlds.

Is there sex in a coaching session?

There is NO sex in a coaching session. Clothes will ALWAYS stay on. However, I may give you "homework" that may include self pleasure for deepening full body integration only if it feels right for you.

Self love coaching

 Radical Transformation:

 Self Love & Healing Package

Come home to yourself. Practice self love. Release self limiting beliefs. Reconnect with your Inner Child. Find balance within your own Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine, Learning  how to sexually thrive,,, and more!

Custom Packages Available too!

Together we can create a plan for your needs

3, 4, 6, or more 

2 day Immersion Couples Coaching Package:
Intimate Conversations-

Do you yearn to to have a deeply safe, loving and

sexy connection with your partner?

Join Teja Valentin and Richard Parkes in this dynamic group class for intimate conversations and practices.

We will have some Q&A time and partner up and to explore some techniques to deepen intimacy and awareness.

Perfect for those in relationship and for those who want to be!


This course helped to rekindle our connection and the true meaning of our relationship.  For example, the eye gazing exercise was a wonderful experience to help us reconnect.  We are also more aware and sensitive to each other's needs physically and emotionally.  We would like to continue practicing what we learned.

Teja and Rich’s personalities complemented each other.  They are compassionate and sensitive people who share their knowledge to help bring couples closer.  They created a relaxing and fun environment to learn.  ~ S. B.

Couple in love Holding Hands

Specialized Packages

Women's Empowerment Package

So you want to feel powerful? Who doesn't? But how? To feel completely amazing and powerful this package breaks it down to to all the areas we struggle in...such as Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic, Sexually and Financially. You don't have to choose because you can have it all! 

From Numb to Yum

Crystal Egg Healing Package

These sessions are based in the Taoist philosophy and the focus is on health & healing as well as supporting a vibrant sex life. The crystal egg practices support and empowers sensual & sexual enlivenment. We work not just on a physical level but on a psycho- emotional level too.

Questions? Free 30 minute clarity call included.

Get a free crystal egg with purchase of Numb to Yum Crystal Egg package.

Gemstone logo.jpg
Girl's Night In/ Woman's Coaching

And there's more......

Girls Night 

Getting married? Girl's Night out? Why not have a fun,

sexy night in ? Guaranteed to inform, be safe with lots 

of laughter!!! 

Sacred Ceremony

Sometimes you just want to wake up the divinity in you and remember who you truly are! Includes a beautiful Rite of the Womb Blessing Ceremony that has been passed

on from Marcella Lobos , Medicine Woman,

from Chile.

Sacred ceremony can be used to clear, ground, heal and empower- -a different

flavor of a Girl's night. 

Free Clarity call to plan the perfect

Girl's Night or Sacred Ceremony.

Minimum of 3 people.

Prices starting at $250/2hrs.

The Quickie

Got a question? Talk to the Coach

$50 per 30 minutes. 


Monthly Women's Soul Share Circle

Tuesday from 7-9pm

$33 per person

Located at Massage by Laura

in Marlton

To Register and check dates click here

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