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Yoga  & Reiki

It’s Time for Yoga and Reiki.......

Two paths to wellness that can be practiced by anyone, with or without previous experience.  Both are gentle, accepting, and tailored to personal needs promoting healing on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.  

The practices of yoga and Reiki help us take an active part in our physical well-being, as well as to help us achieve calm, balance, and focus in our daily lives.  We invite you to explore one or both of these paths with us

Explore your inner space of awareness Our classes enable you to move slowly, while focusing on strength, flexibility, concentration, breath work, and meditation. I want to make the practice of yoga accessible, joyful, and an integral part of people’s otherwise busy lives. Want to find out more? Join me.


Kundalini Yoga Classes

Active Senior Couple

Gentle Rise & Divine Kundalini Yoga


This class is for those who want a focused and energized start to their day but may need a gentler approach. Class may be taught with a chair and props to ease into poses. All levels and abilities welcome!

Classes Now Forming

Energy Exchange $15 

Contact me to register.

*Zoom link provided upon payment and registration

Group & Private Yoga Offerings

6 Week Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Welcome to this journey of self discovery! Through the complete practice and technology of Kundalini Yoga you will begin to feel connected mind, body and soul. During our 6 weeks, we will cover a different topic integral to Kundalini Yoga such as breath work, meditation, mantra, the major chakras, the ten bodies, history of Kundalini Yoga and more!

6 week Intro to Kundalini & 6 week Empowered Woman Kundalini Yoga Classes offered throughout the year.

Contact me to register.

Kundalini Yoga Class


Join Me

Reiki is an ancient healing therapy that protects and heals the body, mind and spirit through gentle energy balancing techniques. It is effective and safe, and has been in use for thousands of years. Reiki is a form of natural healthcare that uses a healing energy flow to restore and maintain physical, mental, and emotional health.  Reiki helps to ease and eliminate symptoms of illness and injury.  It also provides deep relaxation and stress relief, increases energy, and provides clearer thought.

hand presenting

Intuitive Reiki

Balance. Soothe. Restore.

Teja’s Reiki sessions are one of a kind. Trained in Traditional Usui Reiki, she began to trust her own inner wisdom and now describes her style of Reiki as intuitive, gentle, and effective. She may offer a channeled message through what calls her “soul language.” At the end of the session you may choose to have a gong bath “savasana” or deep relaxation where the deep, rich sounds of the gong assist integrate the session and bring a deeper sense of peace and relaxation, and balance.

In Person Sessions

Reiki 60 min.-$85

Reiki with Gong $75 min- $100

Online/Zoom Reiki

Aligning With Yourself

The zoom reiki session is performed very similar to in person. This option is for you if you prefer to receive reiki in the comfort of your own home. Yes, you can still feel the energy as reiki can travel through time and space. 

20 min. session - $20

40 min. session - $40

Zoom link provided upon payment.

Click the contact button above to schedule

Usui Reiki Training

Reiki Level 1
Founder Mikao Usui taught us:

There must be a change in consciousness for healing to occur.

There must be an appropriate exchange of energy, one that honors each.

The focus of this program is to help the student achieve inner change through spiritual growth. Usui Reiki is first and foremost a practice of self healing by means of spiritual enlightenment.

Opening meditation to join group to higher power and each other What is Reiki? How it works? Reiki History, Reiki Masters,The Five Reiki Principles,The Three Pillars of Reiki: Gassho, Reiji-ho, Chiryo Hand positions for self and others. How to give a reiki treatment. Introduce the power symbol Cho ku Rei, Chakra system overview, How to shield and protect your energy Reiki attunement ,Journal time Explain, practice and demo Reiki techniques Reiki manual, Reiki certificate, Discuss and practice 21 Day Purification Process, Discuss Reiki Level 2 (Best to wait one or more between Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Attunements) Closing meditation optional personalized phone/zoom support.


Energy Exchange $200

 Reiki Level 2​

Opening meditation. Discuss Reiki 1 experiences, quick review of Level 1, Ethics and Permission, Discuss Reiki 2 symbols- meanings and uses. Distance healing and how to use Reiki symbols. Hands on practice time. Journal time. Preparation for Reiki Attunement. Reiki 2 Manual . Reiki Certificate. Optional phone/zoom support 30 min
Energy Exchange $150

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