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Clients Have Been Talking....

"I really love working with Teja. She helped me uncover what my true desires and goals are. I feel like I have a road map to success!"


"Teja's warm and compassionate nature puts me at ease. She creates a safe and non judgemental space to explore and discuss my deepest desires, fears and challenges in the realm of sex and relationships.  Teja's empathy and ability to actively listen allows me to be heard and validated in my experiences, paving the way for incredible growth and self-discovery. Truly a transformative program...I recommend Teja to all my friends!"

"I am pleasantly surprised with the process. Teja is professional, caring, very present and kind. I recommend this work to anyone!

-Dawn B.

If you have never tried alternative treatments, now is the time and Teja is the person! Teja has a calming, healing energy that is undeniable and very real. I would highly recommend giving this experience a chance and going with Teja, specifically. You will be very pleased with her intuitive evaluations, healing energy, and personalized treatment plans. Without a doubt, Teja has helped me heal my own body. Simply Amazing!

-Jen P.

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